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Blue & Lonesome



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02 Декабря 2016



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Blue & Lonesome - ROLLING STONES, THE
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Blue & Lonesome - ROLLING STONES, THE
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Blue & Lonesome - ROLLING STONES, THE
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A1    Brown Sugar 3:50
A2    Sway 3:45
A3    Wild Horses 5:41
A4    Can't You Hear Me Knocking 7:17
A5    You Gotta Move 2:32
B1    Bitch 3:42
B2    I Got The Blues 4:00
B3    Sister Morphine 5:34
B4    Dead Flowers 4:05
B5    Moonlight Mile 5:56
C1    Rocks Off 4:33
C2    Rip This Joint 2:24
C3    Shake Your Hips 2:58
C4    Casino Boogie 3:30
C5    Tumbling Dice 3:30
D1    Sweet Virginia 4:25
D2    Torn And Frayed 3:40
D3    Sweet Black Angel 3:05
D4    Loving Cup 4:22
E1    Happy 3:00
E2    Turd On The Run 2:33
E3    Ventilator Blues 3:20
E4    I Just Want To See His Face 3:15
E5    Let It Loose 5:17
F1    All Down The Line 3:50
F2    Stop Breaking Down 4:34
F3    Shine A Light 4:15
F4    Soul Survivor 3:50
G1    Dancing With Mr. D 4:52
G2    100 Years Ago 4:00
G3    Coming Down Again 5:55
G4    Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 3:27
G5    Angie 4:31
H1    Silver Train 4:25
H2    Hide Your Love 4:10
H3    Winter 5:30
H4    Can You Hear The Music 5:32
H5    Star Star 4:25
I1    If You Can't Rock Me 3:47
I2    Ain't Too Proud To Beg 3:32
I3    It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It) 5:08
I4    Till The Next Goodbye 4:39
I5    Time Waits For No One 6:40
J1    Luxury 5:03
J2    Dance Little Sister 4:12
J3    If You Really Want To Be My Friend 6:17
J4    Short And Curlies 2:44
J5    Fingerprint File 6:41
K1    Hot Stuff 5:21
K2    Hand Of Fate 4:28
K3    Cherry Oh Baby 3:54
K4    Memory Motel 7:06
L1    Hey Negrita 4:58
L2    Melody 5:48
L3    Fool To Cry 5:02
L4    Crazy Mama 4:32
M1    Miss You 4:50
M2    When The Whip Comes Down 4:18
M3    Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) 4:25
M4    Some Girls 4:40
M5    Lies 3:12
N1    Far Away Eyes 4:24
N2    Respectable 3:05
N3    Before They Make Me Run 3:26
N4    Beast Of Burden 4:24
N5    Shattered 3:43
O1    Dance 4:22
O2    Summer Romance 3:14
O3    Send It To Me 3:44
O4    Let Me Go 3:49
O5    Indian Girl 4:21
P1    Where The Boys Go 3:28
P2    Down In The Hole 3:55
P3    Emotional Rescue 5:38
P4    She's So Cold 4:10
P5    All About You 4:17
Q1    Start Me Up 3:31
Q2    Hang Fire 2:20
Q3    Slave 4:59
Q4    Little T & A 3:23
Q5    Black Limousine 3:31
Q6    Neighbours 3:30
R1    Worried About You 5:16
R2    Tops 3:45
R3    Heaven 4:21
R4    No Use In Crying 3:24
R5    Waiting On A Friend 4:34
S1    Undercover Of The Night 4:31
S2    She Was Hot 4:40
S3    Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) 4:12
S4    Wanna Hold You 3:52
S5    Feel On Baby 5:03
T1    Too Much Blood 5:46
T2    Pretty Beat Up 4:03
T3    Too Tough 3:46
T4    All The Way Down 3:40
T5    It Must Be Hell 5:03
U1    One Hit (To The Body) 4:43
U2    Fight 3:08
U3    Harlem Shuffle 3:24
U4    Hold Back 3:55
U5    Too Rude 3:18
V1    Winning Ugly 4:30
V2    Back To Zero 4:12
V3    Dirty Work 3:53
V4    Had It With You 3:18
V5    Sleep Tonight 5:09
V6    Key To The Highway 0:33
W1    Sad Sad Sad 3:35
W2    Mixed Emotions 4:37
W3    Terrifying 4:50
W4    Hold On To Your Hat 3:32
W5    Hearts For Sale 4:38
W6    Blinded By Love 4:37
X1    Rock And A Hard Place 5:25
X2    Can't Be Seen 4:08
X3    Almost Hear You Sigh 4:33
X4    Continental Drift 5:13
X5    Break The Spell 3:06
X6    Slipping Away 4:28
Y1    Love Is Strong 3:48
Y2    You Got Me Rocking 3:35
Y3    Sparks Will Fly 3:15
Z1    The Worst 2:24
Z2    New Faces 2:50
Z3    Moon Is Up 3:41
Z4    Out Of Tears 5:27
AA1    I Go Wild 4:23
AA2    Brand New Car 4:13
AA3    Sweethearts Together 4:46
AA4    Suck On The Jugular 4:26
AB1    Blinded By Rainbows 4:32
AB2    Baby Break It Down 4:07
AB3    Thru And Thru 4:07
AC1    Flip The Switch 3:28
AC2    Anybody Seen My Baby? 4:31
AC3    Low Down 4:28
AC4    Already Over Me 5:24
AD1    Gunface 5:02
AD2    You Don't Have To Mean It 3:44
AD3    Out Of Control 4:43
AE1    Saint Of Me 5:15
AE2    Might As Well Get Juiced 4:43
AE3    Always Suffering 5:23
AF1    Too Tight 3:33
AF2    Thief In The Night 5:25
AF3    How Can I Stop 5:53
AG1    Rough Justice 3:12
AG2    Let Me Down Slow 4:16
AG3    It Won't Take Long 3:55
AG4    Rain Fall Down 4:54
AH1    Streets Of Love 5:10
AH2    Back Of My Hand 3:33
AH3    She Saw Me Coming 3:12
AH4    Biggest Mistake 4:06
AI1    This Place Is Empty 3:17
AI2    Oh No Not You Again 3:47
AI3    Dangerous Beauty 3:48
AI4    Laugh, I Nearly Died 4:54
AJ1    Sweet Neo Con 4:34
AJ2    Look What The Cat Dragged In 3:57
AJ3    Driving Too Fast 3:57
AJ4    Infamy 3:50
AK1    Just Your Fool 2:19
AK2    Commit A Crime 3:41
AK3    Blue And Lonesome 3:10
AL1    All Of Your Love 4:49
AL2    I Gotta Go 3:28
AL3    Everybody Knows About My Good Thing 4:31
AM1    Ride 'Em On Down 2:52
AM2    Hate To See You Go 3:23
AM3    Hoo Doo Blues 2:38
AN1    Little Rain 3:33
AN2    Just Like I Treat You 3:26
AN3    I Can't Quit You Baby 5:13

Accordion - Benmont Tench
Accordion - Flaco Jimenez
Acoustic Bass - Jeff Sarli, Ron Wood
Acoustic Guitar - Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Pierre De Beauport, Ron Wood, Waddy Wachtel, Wayne Perkins
Artwork - John Pasche
Artwork - Roy Adzak
Artwork - Tony King
Artwork - Hubert Kretzschmar
Artwork - Mark Marek
Backing Vocals - Bernard Fowler, Billy Preston, Blondie Chaplin, Bobby Womack, Charlie Watts, Clydie King, Darryl Jones, Doug Wimbish, Ian Neville, Ivan Neville, Jerry Kirkland, Jim Keltner, Joe Green, Kathi McDonald, Keith Richards, Lisa Fischer, Mac Rebennack, Max Romeo, Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Sarah Dash, Shirley Goodman, Sonia Morgan, Tami Lynn, Tessa Niles, Venetta Fields, Waddy Wachtel
Bajo Sexto - Max Baca
Baritone Guitar - Ron Wood
Baritone Saxophone - Joe Sublett
Barrel Organ - Billy Preston
Bass - Bill Plummer, Bill Wyman, Blondie Chaplin, Danny Saber, Darryl Jones, Don Was, Doug Wimbish, Jamie Muhoberac, Jeff Sarli, Keith Richards, Me'Shell Ndegéocello, Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood
Bass - Pierre de Beauport
Bass Drum - Charlie Watts, Ron Wood
Blues Harp - Mick Jagger, Sugar Blue
Body Percussion - Mick Jagger
Brass - The Kick Horns
Castanets - Mick Jagger
Classical Guitar - Keith Richards
Clavinet - Billy Preston, Danny Saber, Matt Clifford
Concert Grand Piano - Mick Jagger
Congas - Mick Taylor
Cowbell - Ollie Brown
Cymbal - Charlie Watts
Dobro - Ron Wood
Double Bass - Bill Plummer
Drum - Charlie Watts
Drum - Charlie Watts
Drum Programming - Matt Clifford
Drums - Charlie Watts, Jimmy Miller
Effects - Danny Saber
Electric Guitar - Harvey Mandel, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood, Waddy Wachtel
Electric Guitar - Keith Richards
Electric Guitar - Wayne Perkins
Electric Organ - Benmont Tench, Billy Preston, Chuck Leavell, Clinton Clifford, Ian Neville, Matt Clifford
Electric Organ - Benmont Tench
Electric Organ - Ian McLagan
Electric Piano - Bill Wyman, Ian McLagan, Keith Richards, Matt Clifford, Mick Jagger
Electric Piano - Pierre de Beauport
Electric Piano - Chuck Leavell, Don Was, Matt Clifford, Pierre de Beauport
Fiddle - Frankie Gavin
Fiddle, Mandolin - Phil Beer
Flute, Alto Saxophone - Jim Horn
Guitar - Danny Saber, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood, Ry Cooder, Waddy Wachtel, Wayne Perkins
Guitar - Jim Barber
Guitar - Ron Wood
Guitar - Mick Jagger
Guitar - Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
Handclaps - Keith Richards
Harmonica - Mick Jagger, Sugar Blue
Harmonium - Chuck Leavell, Matt Clifford
Harmony Vocals - Billy Preston, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
Harmony Vocals - Keith Richards
Harpsichord - Chuck Leavell
Horns - Chops
Illustration - Alan Ayers
Illustration - Gerard Howland
Illustration - Kevin Murphy
Illustration - Nick Knight
Instruments - Farafina
Instruments - Bachir Attar, Master Musicians Of Jajouka
Keyboards - Benmont Tench, Chuck Leavell, Danny Saber, Don Was, Jamie Muhoberac, Keith Richards, Matt Clifford, Mick Jagger
Keyboards - Matt Clifford
Lap Steel Guitar - Ron Wood
Lead Guitar - Ron Wood
Lead Guitar - Harvey Mandel
Lead Guitar - Ron Wood
Lead Vocals - Keith Richards
Maracas - Blondie Chaplin, Mick Jagger
Marimba - Amyl Nitrate
Organ - Billy Preston, Chuck Leavell, Jim Price, Matt Clifford, Nicky Hopkins
Pedal Steel Guitar - Ron Wood
Pedal Steel Guitar - Ron Wood
Percussion - Bill Wyman, Billy Preston, Bobby Keys, Charlie Watts, Ian Stewart, Ibrahima Coundoul, Jim Keltner, Jimmy Miller, Keith Richards, Lenny Castro, Luis Jardim, Martin Ditcham, Michael Shrieve, Mick Jagger, Moustapha Cisse, Nik Pascal, Ollie Brown, Phil Jones, Ray Cooper, Rebop Kwaku Baah, Rocky Dijon, Sly Dunbar
Percussion - Kenny Aronoff
Piano - Benmont Tench, Billy Preston, Blondie Chaplin, Chuck Leavell, Clinton Clifford, Don Was, Ian Stewart, Jack Nitzsche, Jim Dickinson, Jim Price, Keith Richards, Matt Clifford, Mick Jagger, Nicky Hopkins, Ron Wood
Piano - Chuck Leavell
Piano - Bill Wyman
Producer - Chris Kimsey, Danny Saber, Don Was, Jimmy Miller, Pierre de Beauport, Rob Fraboni, Steve Lillywhite, The Dust Brothers, The Glimmer Twins
Producer - Pierre de Beauport
Producer - Matt Clifford
Saxophone - Bobby Keys, David McMurray, David Sanborn, Joe Sublett, Mel Collins
Shaker - Blondie Chaplin, Jim Keltner, Luis Jardim, Mick Jagger
Slide Guitar - Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Ron Wood
Snare - Charlie Watts
Soloist - Ron Wood
Soprano Saxophone - Wayne Shorter
Steel Guitar - Al Perkins
Strings - Matt Clifford, Paul Buckmaster
Synthesizer - Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor
Synthesizer - Billy Preston, Nicky Hopkins
Tambourine - Blondie Chaplin, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards
Tom Tom - Charlie Watts
Trombone - Jim Price
Trumpet - Chuck Findley, Darrell Leonard, Jim Price, Mark Isham, Roddy Lorimer
Vibraphone - Matt Clifford, Mick Jagger
Vocals - Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor
Whistle - Frankie Gavin